‘Fess Up to Your Good Deed, Lil Jon!

it’s cold again after an indian summer to rival them all (70 degrees in december and all the trimmings and fixings included therein).

so seemingly…

someone fixed the environment! g’job g’job! jazzhands all around.

maybe collectively the entire hiphop generation simultaneously purchased and displayed enough ice that everything cooled off some, son.

courtesy of Flickr and Hattie C in the Place to Be

in other news, i’m a shadow of the shadow i formerly was!
all it took was several hours of estrogen-laced activity with special cameos by bread pudding, late-night phonecalls, wearing other people’s clothes, anthropomorphizing male body parts and plant life.

“you’re never too old for space camp, dude!” — stranger than fiction

in debriefing the weekend with my doctor parents…

dad: your mother saved someone’s life this weekend.

mom: well, i did my best.

me: well i had a crazy weekend too! someone said i wasn’t funny and then i was all sad about it but then i thought about it and i was like it’s ok i gotta still try and then i dug down and even though i was still like worried and upset and freaking out, i still “got back on the horse” but it wasn’t glamorous or anything despite how it sounds.

dad: that’s great. did i mention your mother saved someone’s life this weekend, and in the process didn’t sleep and didn’t eat and basically threw her whole self heart and soul into the process of saving lives?

me: uh huh. oh and also, i saw a movie! it was riveting and punchy and insightful.

you can’t really win these conversations so i try and blow my normalcy out of the water.

watch a movie, save a life…maybe? maybe not so much.
courtesy of the National Security Agency

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