Cheerios in Drag

i’m just updating for a stoopid reason. i went to the grocery store and nearly had a panic attack in the cereal aisle.

what is this?

courtesy of Quaker Oatmeal

and what is this?

courtesy of Shop Food Ex

if there were a novel about my life, this day would mark my coming of age.

hot oatmeal but crunchy?

froot loops masquerading as cheerios?

next you’ll be telling me james bond is a blonde.

courtesy of Flickr and ecb29

oh my stars.

on a secondary note…

the national arboretum makes me want to talk to plants, and tell them if they get an education they won’t end up in a brothel pandering their petals to n’er-do-wells with coolpix cameras.

seriously, can you name an azalea “wee willie” or “la belle helene” and not expect some kind of backlash?

oh my sluts
courtesy of Flickr and More Detail About Azalea

none of this makes sense but as you can see it’s after midnight so it’s perfectly legal.

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