Where Does Cake End and Life Begin?

i feel like work is starting to blend with life. and life is starting to blend with work. and a thin princess named sanity skips and frolics between the two.

in any case, i’m filled to the nubbins with gingerbread cake, plantain chips, pie, banana bread, tiramisu, cookies, brownies and those half-breed cookie bars. confound it all!

today was LEARNING DAY at work. every department had to make a display of how their department contributes to our overall organization and then you had to visit all the departments and learn something about each department. and just like when you did projects and presentations in middle and high school, candy and food = happy participants/audience.

i was plied with so much free stuff and calories, i can no longer think straight. every department also had some sort of a quiz with questions and if you answered them all correctly, you were entered in a little raffle to win prizes usually in the form of gift cards.

you all will be proud to know i won absolutely nothing.

there was slight malice towards some departments that “always win,” or in the case of the IT department, declined to participate at all.

anyway my cube is starting to make the afterhours noises (scary ones you can only hear after everyone leaves) and tomorrow there is more cake. so i better head home and rest up for that.

the phenomenon known as cake at work
courtesy of Flickr and Paulannett

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