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i wanted you guys to know that today’s lesson is sometimes the WIRETAPPER GETS WIRETAPPED. that’s what happened to me today. and boy did it put the scare in me. you have no idea. when the stalker gets stalked, it’s like HOO HEY no fair! who gave you that information!?

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and then you crawl back into your dimly lit basement and pretend it never happened as you continue reading zach braff’s blog.

item of second importance learned today: Moths Drink the Tears of Sleeping Birds

(thank you comic Diana Saez who was too tired to blog about it)

item of third importance learned today: A Search for Ourselves by Sara Goo. not only is Sara Goo my favorite Washington Post reporter (her name does the trick!) but she writes that Paris Hilton was the most Googled person/place/thing of 2006 followed by Orlando Bloom…and then cancer. man! what doesn’t that say?

what am i up to?
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fodder for people who think occasionally: The Sandbox (blog from soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan)

5 thoughts on “Aggregator of Semi-Scintillating Information

  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah fodder for people who think occasionally.

    “Sgt White is quite correct that it is hard for civilians to understand, but most of them do try as best they can and envy your courage. Keep your head down.”

    yeah i personally envy anyone with the courage to go to war for the most powerful military on earth and participate in something that our civilization has always officially glorified and never condemned (war) all in the name of protecting itself while killing more innocent civilians than will ever be known because explosions don’t discriminate and soldiers by definition are killers not peace-makers. actually all it takes is denial. if you want to see courage go talk to a high-school teacher.

    “If you are going to eat dust anywhere, you should be here eating dust along our Southern border, making sure that Juan and Maria don’t give their children a better way of life by sneaking them across the US border along with a few kilos of coke and weed in order to buy a “down payment” on the American Dream.”

    that’s cause for reflection. i feel enlightened.

  2. Anonymous says:

    of course it definitely takes courage to act as a great role model for humanity and human rights, for example by giving all persons the right to a fair trial when they’re suspected of crimes and actually publicly presenting and considering evidence before condemning them, and humane treatment for example stripping them naked in freezing cold rooms or beating them to death when they’re hands are bound in cords– lo and behold quite the opposite has happened.

    i won’t talk about white phosphorous right now.

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