I’m Taking Back My Life! And My Stuff!

so. not. cool.

i just got ambushed in the office kitchen…BY AN APPLE PIE.

it’s not even 11 o’clock, for diabete’s sakes!

99% OF AN APPLE PIE. with one tiny slice missing. its folded crust and gooey chunky apple stuffing gently petting my eyes…

courtesy of Flickr and SunshineCooking

i have no choice but to see this as an all-out declaration of war.

i now can’t go a day without 2-3 kinds of desserty syrup glaze coating my entire esophageal and stomach lining. THIS MUST END NOW.

i can’t remember the last time i had something like a sandwich. i mean one that that didn’t have ice cream smothered between its crumbly chocolate layers.

listen to me! i’m sick!

blast. i’ve reverted entirely to a diet of party food morsels. i can feel my body disintegrating into lesser materials. new aches and pains! shortness of breath. but no. i can fight pie-yer with pie-yer.

punleash the steamed vegetables and gently flavored tofu! i’m taking back my palate. y’hear me, highly refined sugars and corn syrup and partially hydrogenated trans fats?! there is a place for you in my life but you wanted more than i could offer! MORE THAN I WAS PREPARED TO GIVE.

take back your toothbrush, your mix tapes, your extra warm sweatshirt…

my heart beats less cloggy without you.

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