Sundays with Small One

conversations with a small one–

small one: do you want a love?
me: what’s a love?
small one: a love is a kiss!
me: yes! i want a love!
*small one gently kisses me on the cheek*
me: that was nice.
small one: girls love love!
me: and boys?
small one: boys love cars!

and later…

me: you should eat some cereal for breakfast.
small one: no, i don’t like it.
me: what do you like?
small one: i love cookies!
me: ME TOO.
small one: i love junx [sic] food.
me: ME TOO.
small one: i love to eat cookies.
me: how many did you eat yesterday?
small one: i don’t know? *shrugging dismissively*
me: i think you ate 500.
small one: yes. i did.
me: well, i ate 5000 last week.
small one: *nodding in appreciation*

i look forward to more conversations with small one but right now, she is mad at me because i sent her away so i could take a shower.

small one: i don’t like that girl [me] any more. she wouldn’t let me watch tv upstairs!

OH SMALL ONE! i’ll win you back!

what is it about youth?

photos courtesy of Flickr and Foto_morgana

happy holidays to all.

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