It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose, It’s How You Bear the Shame

i love bookstores so much, i can’t even tell you…

but i’m going to try. if you made a bookstore with a moonbounce in it, i would never leave. i would subsist on seasonal espresso drinks and literature and the physics of trapped air. there is nothing missing from that equation. it spells love in 4000 different spoken languages and nirvana in 2 dead languages. and if cute boys came to the bookstore, they would only do so after hearing the rumors about the little girl golem who lives between the shelves (ahem, me). then they would take some cellphone pictures and leave, but i might get their numbers and call them later whispering sweet nothings about jumping and james joyce and kitschy blank journals. anyway, according to HJNTIY, you’re not supposed to call boys’ numbers. so i lose.

courtesy of Flickr and YoChicago

more losing:

earlier, i was exiting my coworkers office and i sort of tipped over sideways and fell into the door frame. then i said, “someone’s still not awake this morning!” without a trace of irony.

even more losing:

i have a cake addiction! i am often caked out, doing lines of cake and/or cavorting with the frosted lady. my friends call me a cakehead. the crack equivalent of cake is cake batter.

cakebaby. it starts young.
courtesy of Gad2 and Lehigh University

loser hall of shame:

i leaked pad thai juice all over my bag. it was the equivalent of exxon-valdez. oil is still coming out of everything i own. millions of carrots perished in the spill and thousands of bean sprouts were rendered homeless. lunch still, despite the odds, proved delicious.

courtesy of Flickr and Desert Modernism

a tiny win for teamparna: i told a comedian he looks like a giant baby yesterday. because he does.

5 thoughts on “It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose, It’s How You Bear the Shame

  1. Tara says:

    hmm sucks that you spilled all over your stuff…im not a fan of thai so I say dump it allll out. but whateva. haha.

    Long time no read. Still entertaining as always.

  2. dink says:

    oh sure. flaunt your pad thai to those of us who’ve never TASTED it …who yearn for it …fine, just drip it all over the place. fine.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Aparna!

  3. Aparna says:

    tara — you have resurfaced again! welcome welcome. stay awhile. take your shoes off. happy new year!

    bryan anthony — woof indeed. that comment raised several eyebrows and i thought i only had two. happy new year!

    dinkers — if i could mail you pad thai, you no i would fed ex it. unfortunately it would be exxon valdez the 3rd. but i could send you a recipe? haaapppy new yeeear.

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