Baby New Year Needs to Be Burped

hey look! it’s a 2007! the closest imitation i’ve seen up until this point anyway.

new year’s included enough dosage of everything requisite to make it the textbook definition of kodak momentous:

— free entrance to a new year’s eve pricey hotel bash because of comedy “sway.” got to pretend to be a girlfriend. it was set up like a 7th grade lock-in…there was a jazz lounge, hip hop room, comedy room, mood room and ok…this is the 7th grade part…a FORTUNE TELLER. we drank soup out of tea cups, wore flashing red and blue star pins to gain entry, there were naked silhouettes of women dancing being projected onto the wall, a cover band of 50 cent (i wish i was kidding), champagne flutes and i was the only one wearing jeans in the whole building. in my defense, they were embroidered jeans. no speak english, what?

— an all-girl new year’s party including cookie bars made by someone’s grandma (seriously), sex and the city, pajamas, mulled wine, champagne, more fortune telling and plenty of celebrity bashing. ahhhh. once again, i was the only one wearing jeans. but this time i was overdressed.

— getting pulled over by a cop! HELLO! totally a must for new-years. i only got a warning. headlight down, man. also, the cop did not know how to modulate her voice. she was a yeller.

— a semi-crashed dance party. totally pwning the dance floor. people don’t know which way to look. but they can’t look directly at you, like the sun.

— intervening to make sure someone’s new year’s didn’t end with them too sedated. this included some youtube material potential. this involved a lot of falling down. and slapstick.

— sloppy weather. really. like 5 drinks+ makeout sloppy.

— bed at 6:15am. it’s calling ringing it in, son.

— the day itself included enough napping to make the sleepiest kitten happy.

i couldn’t have had more fun if it had been a children’s birthday party with a yelling contest as displayed here!
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2 thoughts on “Baby New Year Needs to Be Burped

  1. D. says:

    dang blasted frippin’ frakin’ blogger beta!

    Just wanted to go on the record saying there is something SO WRONG about rat taxidermy …think about it. :-[

    dink (not “d”)

  2. Aparna says:

    oh my poor little d(ear)– yeah i don’t like rat taxidermy either. in my haste to put up a photo i thought those were actual live rats having a party. i’m a bit daft when it comes to common sense. photo presto change-o!

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