A Big Apple a Day Keeps the Inner Harpy At Bay

hey. question. how come when you’re feeling the most antisocial shrew, people really put their best footsies forward and come correct in droves? not only droves but swarms and gaggles and bevies and herds and schools and packs and clumps. the british professor rates the following exhibits.

exhibit A: my friend diana asked if she could make a wig out of my hair. this hasn’t happened since elementary school. AT LEAST.
rating: truly smashing!

exhibit B: my friend andy wrassled me to the ground using just one of his hands. it’s truly not that difficult. but when someone faux-fights you, you feel worthy for a second.
rating: outstanding, gentlemen.

exhibit C: the coffee barista who previously hated me has decided we’re now friends — let me elaborate: not just acquaintances, BUT CHATTYCHATCHAT bosom buddies. he proceeded to tell me a looooong story about his morning commute and then acted like we were all chummy…it’s a big deal because he has never even cracked any hint of any emotion at me before. today he joked around, regaled with tales and then proceeded to wish me well by lacing my mocha with a hint of “won’t you stay?”
rating: simply BOFFO, ole chap!

courtesy of Flickr and Gillianic Tendencies

thank goodness for the company i keep, or that keeps me around. narrowly saved from taking over the hermit-shrew throne once again.

i was in nyc for the tuesday and the wednesday, trying out an all-female booked showcase up there (thank you diana). definitely funtastic and inspiring. mostly because i got to see great comedy for free and freeze parts of my face off. nyc is where things happen, where dreams are fulfilled just by someone farting. i know people think it gets too much credit, but really, comedywise, it doesn’t get much better than new yawk citay. i missed seeing michelle collins, who i have a massively huge girl crush on though…oh well. read her blog! anyway, the moral is when you put three female comedians in one hotel room — everyone wins. or on one bus, for that matter. why do old people always side with authority btw? what is with that? no i won’t put it in context, but thanks for playing.

hahahahahahaha nyc hahahahahahaha my head is going to explode!!!
courtesy of Flickr and I,Solipsist

i’m listening to music from benny hill and i feel like marching around my cubicle with a party hat on. anything less would be a repellant shame. it’s bigtop meets a magician meets a wizard meets a clownface meets a mime meets the races meets a campfire meets a carnival meets karaoke meets small man on a tricycle blowing his horn meets a parade of gingerbread pretend soldiers. the point is — it’s fun. it’s funky. it’s high-five your own face out of sheer joy.

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