Valentine’s Day PreGame!


i’m at my friend hillary’s apartment! we’re being girls! and doing makeovers! i requested mine to be cakey! she’s going to put an actual cake on my face! that’s how cakey i like my makeup! also! also! she’s wearing her J-Lo coat. it weighs more than a full-grown refrigerator!

time to stare into the distance pensively and yet with a “i’m the one” vibe while sipping overpriced moxie juice! we’re also taking ribbon candy with us. no that’s not a euphemism. it’s actually candy! we should write a book. we’re also wearing mary kate and ashley olsen spritzer. as i said, book deal.

ribbon candy: it’s a reality.
courtesy of Flickr and Jess Hutch


someone’s not worried about feb. 14!!! (this girl *pointing to myself*)

From: My Mom
To: Me
Subject: swooshee
Sent: Saturday, 1/20/06, 10:12 a.m.

How can I tell you how much I love you because if I
showed it with my hands i would dislocate my shoulders
If i showed it in writing i will get a writers cramp
if i showed it in speech i will lose my voice. If I
showered you with candy then the little kids will not
have any.
Tell me what I can do for you
Happy Valentine’s day
secret admirer

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