It’s My Trial, and I’ll Cry If I Want to…

this is so not cute.

i received a court summons in the mail yesterday. it was brought to my attention by my mother whispering in my nearly comatose ear this morning “i need to discuss something serious with you.” so zombie me (literally with only 1 of 2 eyes open and a crip walk) goes down to the kitchen and picks up a very stark looking letter (NOT PINK AND SCENTED. elle woods reference!) that says i am being called to court for Non Performance of Jury Service in 2003.

i have no memory of this occurring, and honestly, i don’t know how much a lawyer could do for me since i have scant memory of two weeks ago, let alone 4 years ago. plus i was in college. and probably more addlebrained then i am now.

so now i need to be in massachusetts in a month on a tuesday afternoon for my trial. i was hoping there would be some room for discussion, but unlike other invitations to parties in my honor, there is no RSVP information…no phone, no email. i guess i could write a letter. i’m also allowed to bring counsel and/or witnesses on the day of the party. how about law students? i know plenty of those, and most of them love a good shindig/trial.

courtesy of Flickr and AdkinsJim

so anyway, until then, you people will have to be ok with a potential criminal existing in your midst.

oh by the way, the letter was sent to my FRESHMAN YEAR DORM. sigh. i wasn’t even a freshman in 2003, let alone now.

i would be maybe more upset if i weren’t so amused. imagine my smiling face behind bars for disrespecting the sanctity of the legal system. anyway, i can only imagine the karma comes back fourfold if you evade your jury evasion trial. IRONY SANDWICH!!!

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