Today Shall Be Filed Under G for "Good Day."

blogs are lame sometimes. only a precious few cared that i was almost going to jail! ah well. sigh. being the comic relief finally catches up to me. i can just imagine someone reading earlier today “oh chortle chortle! aparna almost goes to the slammer! HAHAHAHAHEYHEYHEYHOOHOHOHOHOHOHO. i guess my tuesday isn’t so bad after all. i wonder if she’ll keep updating from prison? oh well. back to this powerpoint…ho hum boobity bip!”

anyway. as it turns out, this little piggirl (pointing to me) is not going to jail.

yeah it was SO SIMPLE. i found the local government number for the jury via the internet. AND IT WAS THE WRONG NUMBER. it just kept ringing. i wondered how cruel a person you’d have to be to work at the jury office and screen calls of potential offenders. then i found another number for the jury office. THIS TIME SHE PICKED UP ON THE FIRST RING. my hero!

she: *official-sounding* jury commissioner’s office!
me: uhh yes hi…i received a letter of criminal complaint? *sound like a tool*

she: ok…*judgy-sounding*
me: BUT…i don’t know why i got it because i postponed AND i no longer live in massachusetts AND it’s from four years ago! *as strong as my defenses were, i rattled them off like a little kid with pudding all over her face trying to convince a grown up that she ate no pudding*

she: it says yes, you postponed but you didn’t show up on your new date.
me: no, i just showed up late and they said “go home.”

she: oh i see *chuckle?* yeah, they don’t give you credit for that.
me: oh. *crestfallen*

she: last name please.
me: *comply*

she: first name please.
me: *comply*

she: where do you live now?
me: *comply*

she: *click-clacking on keyboard*

me: *sweat beading on forehead*

she: ok you’re all set. you’re excused. you don’t have to do it again. *chuckle*
me: THANK YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!

courtesy of University of Kent

she: sure, have a good day!
me: *speechless*

it was just like i was ordering a pizza…but i was ordering freedom!

i’ve got to hand it to massachusetts…they can put the scare in you.

anyway, in my criminal honor, i’m celebrating GET OUT OF JAIL FREE DAY on the date of what would have been my trial — feb 25, 2007 (and ever after) is now a personal holiday!!!

oh happy day!
courtesy of Flickr and Izarbeltza

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