Lord of the Files!

ha! how quickly the office can degenerate into “lord of the flies.” the power went off on one side of our department this morning. four computers crashed simultaneously. shrieks, then swears, followed by gentle murmurs and the sounds of rocking.

one of the poor victims had an imminent interview to do, for which she was preparing questions, when the aforementioned horror happened, making her lose everything. another one had her car also break down this morning. we’re not talking about fair and unfair, people. this was just plain, hard reality.

have i told you lately that i hate you?
courtesy of Flickr and Peanut99

i, fortunate one, work on the other side of the hallway (the electronically functional side apparently), and happily clacked away in oblivious splendor, with my 15 windows open, just a bit irked that my streaming music was taking its own sweet time buffering instead of playing.

anyway, you should have seen the uproar after that! everyone came out of their offices into the hallway near my cube with their arms waving above their heads. “what happened?!” “dang it all!” “did someone call the IT guy?!” “what can the IT guy do? what can anyone do at this point?” silent sobbing.

they wandered for a bit, a ragtag band of work nomads without their computers, with no solid purpose on a wednesday morning…vacant-eyed proclaiming the injustices of the world.

well, back to the ole abacus
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IT guy came, saw, went away empty-handed. “i’m no electrician” he offered defeatedly.

general admin lady came — said she was on the case! apologized profusely (as if she had anything to do with it!)

meanwhile, the gypsies fashioned themselves new identities out of paper and pen and angst. held hands and sang kumbaya. broke out lunch early.

and then MIRACLE IN A MANGER!!! one by one, each computer came back to consciousness. four coma awakenings in the span of a morning.

and life continued with a whirring hum. (though i daresay this calls for cake, or at least, a bagel breakfast)

there is now a love that wasn’t previously there, or maybe, it just needed attention
courtesy of Flickr and TempletonElliot

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