Two Thoughts, (F)UN-related

1. this thing called word of mouth…let’s discuss it. it’s one step behind the pony express, two steps behind wifi. and i’m sure glad for technology, hoo boy! i realized i’m always the last one to get this so-called word of mouth, if i ever get it.

isn’t it “technically” (or rather, primitively) supposed to be one of the fastest ways of getting something across? not anymore.

not since people stopped talking face to face, and started talking in each other’s ears away from mine. allze i know is that i get all my word of mouth online. as in i read in a review spouting “this hidden gem in the heart of the city boasts mosts of its repute through word of mouth.” whose i’d like to know?!…because i’m not getting it.

somehow, somebody, somewhere decided if anything was ever communicated through wagging tongue (don’t be a pervert)…i wouldn’t know about it. not until little johnny-blogger makes it public the next morning or the morning after that, or more likely, 6 months down the road when the juiciness of the secret has long since gone stale.

i need better sources! or at least people who tell me all their secrets…secrets being favorite restaurants and good coffeeshops…that’s it! really! love affairs, illegitimate children, food allergies…keep them to yourself, thanks. no, just kidding, tell me everything.

tell me something good…or at least self-incriminating.
courtesy of Flickr and FinSec

2. i am wearing four shades of brown today, one of them being my skin. incidentally, i do go great with most oak living room sets.

3 thoughts on “Two Thoughts, (F)UN-related

  1. Golden Silence says:

    Um, well here are my “favorites” (though they aren’t really that secret) Tryst is a nice little hangout (though it can be crowded and the staff is sometimes high), Harmony Cafe has good hot and sour soup, and Oohhs & Aahhs on U Street has good soul food. I can’t really think of anything else.

    Off-topic, < href="">you’ve been tagged.<>

  2. Aparna says:

    golden silence — thank you! at some point, the favor will be repaid…somehow! also, i will get to this tagging business as soon as i can. i have trouble with most of the memes in the world.

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