Sitting Not So Pretty

awwwwwwwww gmail is so thoughtful. look what he brought me today!

Why You’re Feeling Lonely – – Learn “Secret Reason” Why You’re Attracted To Jerks & Players

also. we got new chairs at work, and by we, i mean everybody except me.

the following convo happened this morning between two lucky recipients (as i said before, neither was me):

*gushing about chair*
Lucky Butt 2: so what about these new chairs, huh?
Lucky Butt 1: well this is nice, but i don’t think it’s as soft.
Lucky Butt 2: it’s soooo soft!
Lucky Butt 1: really?
Lucky Butt 2: yeah you have to get it into the full ergonomic stabilization position.
Lucky Butt 1: wait, what?
Lucky Butt 2: here, i’ll come show you.
Lucky Butt 1: oh, ok.
Lucky Butt 2: *fidgeting with LB1’s chair* ok try it now!
Lucky Butt 1: oh woooooooooooooow.
Lucky Butt 2: yeah, it’s good, right?
Lucky Butt 1: oh woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.

meanwhile, my bum is seething on its slab of stone.

now that everyone has left, i’m going to go try out that chair! i’ll BRB.

this is it! this is the chair!
courtesy of Flickr and Daxiang Stef

ok i returned from my goldilocks (AKA blackilocks) mission. it felt really scandalous to try out other people’s chairs BTW. especially if you go into their offices. but i only tried each out for 5 seconds before the guilt blew my mind. but i felt it was necessary and vital factfinding. anyway, these chairs are unbelievable. they have a little bounce to them and they sort of caress your self-esteem and torso/lower back area at the same time. this chair makes me want to be a better person. too bad i ain’t got me one!

OH AND GET THIS. each new chair owner also gets a PURPLE INSTRUCTION MANUAL on getting to know their new chair. manual! not a piece of paper, a MANUAL. sit on that information.

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  1. D. says:

    P.S. want to know something peculiar? The other “new blogger” blogs I post on now identify me as “dink” (used to say “d” as yours does) Yours is the only one that still says “d”

    Blogger thy name is WEIRD.

    The above is for informational purposes is only (as in there is no point to this message 🙂 )

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