A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words…But So Are Words…

latest update: the new office chairs are being issued to people using a special phase-in program wherein those with the oldest chairs (we’re talking 10, 20 years) get new chairs first. my chair is not going to the glue factory just yet! not if i have anything to say about it!

second update: tomorrow to show our work enthusiasm we have to wear fake tattoos of our company logo. you have no idea how happy this makes me.

third update: i caved and joined the legions of online daters. so far, everyone hates me. i’ll keep you guys posted.

fourth update: i went to a miracle fruit party on saturday. it was amazing. here is proof i was at the party (scroll down to the last photo — i’m on the right with outstanding company). and here is more information on miracle fruit. i highly suggest the experience to anyone and everyone. the best part was gorging yourself on lemons and limes exclaiming “JUST LIKE CANDY!!! JUST LIKE CANDY!!!” in near hysterics.

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