Paying Lip(less) Service

i can’t stop chewing all the skin off of my bottom lip. it’s a good thing the shins have a song called “kissing the lipless” or i would complain about being a repressed minority. but apparently, a song exists about how my people need love too so at least for now, i am appeased.

maybe listening to it would be a logical step two after writing this pointless ramble. does eating dead skin count as a protein? am i losing points here on the sexy scale? whatever. i’ll eat my own skin if that’s what it takes to meet my nutrition requirements. better than someone else’s skin. it’s friday. the censors have the day off today. mandatory fridays off! i said when i hired them. i refuse to be squelched on the crux of the weekend. everything needs to be said.

ok i’m listening to this shins song and it has nothing to do with the lipless. we get one shout-out in the whole darn thing. it seems to be about some typical relationship/friendship turned sour over a handhold that lasted 7 seconds too long or a backrub with lasting commitment undertones. typical! too bad i can relate to everything they’re saying and i want to kiss them with my nonlips just for GETTING ME. for reading my MIND.

i too started at an early age
courtesy of Flickr and drhunter

on another note, what if god is an IT guy? and what if he gets tired of all these help requests because most people have bad desktop(/basic) organization(/decisionmaking) skills and download(/make) poor program(/life) choices, and who really wants to show up to work when the company refuses to upgrade to a decent operating system? the world is still running on Windows 95 as far as i can tell. *nerd snort, push glasses up*

anyway, here is my online dating progress. diagnosis: i suck.

someone told me to tell them a little about myself so i wrote this —

i’m very laid back but prone to the occasional panic attack. my favorite meal comes in a vacuum sealed bag. i can often be seen making eyes at baby bears. once a cupcake stole my heart. i still haven’t gotten it back.

it was this guy. DAMN YOU CUPCAKE! *shaking fist*
courtesy of Flickr and togflx

WHAT?! it’s not like it’s not accurate. i’m leaving. this is some intolerance up in here.

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