Suspension of Bladder Relief

in case you judged me before, check it out.

i held my pee for the entire day because i was wearing a sweater on top…with suspenders underneath!

there’s no way i was going to deal with that mess. that breaks my rule of having to execute 1 or less steps in order to pee.

sweater off – step one
suspenders off – step two
pants down – step three

this reminds me of the time i wore a snowsuit to class in kindergarten. i was too afraid to pee because i didn’t think i could get it back on again. that was probably actually the best decision i ever made back then.

anyway, around 3pm, i folded. not gracefully either. i was running down the hallway, hands at the ready to rip that argyle in half.

in other bad news,

i’m finding most of the online bachelors seem to find the film Norbit a must-see. i’m not even going to say anything else about it.

2 thoughts on “Suspension of Bladder Relief

  1. Golden Silence says:

    <>this reminds me of the time i wore a snowsuit to class in kindergarten.<>Oh, man, I could relate. Those things were such a pain…and were also shown on shows like “The Cosby Show” (Rudy had one) and the classic movie, “A Christmas Story” (Ralphie’s little brother struggled with one).As for Norbit…naw. Looks too “Big Momma’s House” for me to consider it. I’ll pass.

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