Who Doesn’t Love the "Just for Fun" Greeting Cards?

despite having a fairly disorienting day yesterday, i am finding life somewhat remarkable in its ability to comfort me on a regular basis. and i find even more comfort in the fact that life is more or less just a series of random occurrences from which i can derive how much or little value i choose, if any.

so good job, me!

oh and also, good job, other people! because usually other people, though possessing the capability to disappoint, often are astoundingly effective in being a balm for my skepticism-chapped soul. now that i’ve used the phrase “balm for my…soul” which is pretty much never ok, i’m going to skip ahead to a place where we can forget this paragraphic content ever occurred.

recent occurrences that have reaffirmed faith in the universe/reason my desktop picture is now a gratuitously starry sky and no longer a teddy bear with ample hips:

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courtesy of Auntie K on Flickr

~when you are hesitantly creepy and the other person says, “Well, well, well…I must say that I am very pleased to see you so creepy.”
~people who use sound effects regularly, and without incident, in daily speech, and see nothing unusual about it
~people who send me news articles
~people who converse with me like this:
~people i don’t know walking up to me and saying “i read your blog” in PUBLIC and then walking away, no strings attached
~people who give you the benefit of the doubt
~reunions involving waiters who decide for you how you both will split your check
~making someone’s day by accident ( i.e., i sent a coworker an email, and her e-response was ‘cool beans.’ i didn’t even know we were on a ‘cool beans’ level relationship!)
~PEOPLE WHO COMMENT ON MY BLOG, even if those people are just telling me to check out their mortgage website
~people saying “here, go through these two bags of cool clothing and take whatever you want.”
~people who think the absence of something is still something
~people who will sit through a bad movie that i am forcing them to watch
~running into people i know while i’m with someone i want them to meet and everyone plays their part marvelously as if it had been scripted
~savoring something with someone who loves it as much as you
~drawing on placemats in diners
~people who are brave for the both of you
~the ability to forgive
~understanding (i.e., mindmelds)
~personal emails
~people who gesture a lot during public shows not starring them

this is devolving into hallmark. time to make a noisy exit.

here is an e-card i sent myself (yes! it’s possible!)…


oh, and just for fun:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
teddy bear with ample hips
courtesy of fcphoto on Flickr

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