my mild depressions are getting smarter, like mutant bacterial strains that are super-resistant to all kinds of medicine/logic. they trick me into thinking i’m passably functional emotionally, only to soon discover they just switched operating centers, WHAM! yesterday i had a semi-breakdown about SANDWICH TOPPINGS. my entire day was paralyzed by having made a few bad choices between two loaves of bread. the sun in the world seemed to rise and fall (mostly fall) upon my inability to make a good bite to eat. towards the end of the day, i was so disheartened by my future meal prospects, i couldn’t even string words into a sentence. it’s one thing to have an existential crisis in the head but once the tumtum is involved, aparna gets served, and quickly.

rock bottom
photo courtesy of Flickr and Siobhan Curran

2 thoughts on “Meta-Stomachache

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