Nice Karma

i recently befriended buddha.

he says things like:

that totally makes sense.

there’s nothing weird with what you’re going through. you’re just being human.

and also things like:

take care of those things, and take care of yourself.

and would you believe this:

i definitely feel this is a period of catharsis and
just figuring out things for you, and i’m here for you, and i also
want to give you your space.


go on a walk, or savor a treat. try to get rid of distractions. simplify.

he wins. except buddha doesn’t care about winning. if you’re interested, i think i bought him off of an infomercial. you can have one too! you just shake him, and he says something comforting and wise. for a limited time, get a free rock garden with purchase! nirvana never seemed so attainable.

buddha’s crib, as seen on mtv
photo courtesy of Flickr and Richard Flynn

the zen-d

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