My (Non)Sense of Smell

thesis statement: the way humans generalize the world is funny.

supporting evidence: i recently met this guy. let’s call him A. just a random guy. we don’t interact very often, A and i. but he very strongly reminds me of this guy i used to go to school with, in appearance and demeanor. let’s call this guy from the past B. now B smelled a bit weird. i took a class with him, and he definitely conjured up the odor of pine, mildew and lichens, all packaged nicely in an earnest, well-intentioned tube sock. for some reason, every time i see A, i cannot help but get whiffs of a faint forest + sock odor, a la B. even though A actually has no discernible smell at all, which is another matter entirely. i guess as far as our brains are concerned, like smells like like despite any evidence to the contrary.

conclusion: haha. heh. meh.

new from jean-paul gaultier: eau de NATURE SOCK
photo courtesy of Flickr and frenchick

2 thoughts on “My (Non)Sense of Smell

  1. Anonymous says:

    “earnest, well- intentioned tube sock”….ah yes, like a piece of cheesecake on an empty stomach, that’s why I like your blog. BTW,I read on a Jermaine ms bulletin, that you were in the DC Improv OM thingy last night, do tell…and ugh, a belated, good luck.-Mike O’Hara

  2. Yoda says:

    Dear God, for the sake of your nose, I pray that this person A is replaced by a person S (say), who reminds you of a guy who used to overdose on Armani Black Code!

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