Office Work Ain’t No Cake Walk!

Office Vignettes

1. i just dug through the garbage for a packet of Saltines. don’t worry. i found them. and ate them. without washing my hands. whatever. don’t even start with me.

2. i heard a baby at the end of the hall today — you know, standard baby type noises — peals and squeals of giggles and gurgles and slurps. and i thought, “how did that get here?” and then i heard the baby production noises. everytime a baby shows up at the office, thus ensues the baby production. someone stops, gasps and exclaims, “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! who’s this little bimbom?!” and then the proud parent makes their speech…and then everyone in the near vicinity must come and watch (awkwardly is a given) as the baby knocks down someone’s cup of pens that they just carefully reorganized. but since the BABY knocked it down, it’s cause for celebration! and victory dances! and singing! then you go back to your cube and cry silently.

3. at 5 p.m., i started to finally crack under the strain of having a lot of work and not being able to stay awake, and the next logical move seemed to be to immediately start google image searching “cakeface.” useful? probably not. therapeutic? definitely.


photo courtesy of Flickr and G.J. Charlet III

photo courtesy of Flickr and Wrexx

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photo courtesy of Flickr and afcool83

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2 thoughts on “Office Work Ain’t No Cake Walk!

  1. Q.Ledbetter says:

    The bride in the ‘wedding cake face’ picture doesn’t seem amused. I had a laugh when I imagined the groom to be a chronic practical joker.

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