You: Excoooz Me, Do Ah Know Youuuuuu? Me: Why Yes! Ah’m Supah!

oh mannnnnnnnnn. so my bud michael wrote “I’m Super!” in red permanent ink big block pt. 18 Arial Bold on my hand the other night, because he’s a top-notch kind of guy. but i still can’t get it off. so today i have to go to the oral surgeon to get 4 teef knocked out of my silly-putty head. i already got my wisdomz out (can’t you tell?! lololololololol hahhah whaaat?!) but this is another pick-4 lucky drawing. so my question is, how is anyone seriously supposed to get 4 teef knocked out with “I’m Super!” blatantly written on their hand for the surgeon to somberly note? patients/victims are not supposed to be cocky and/or starry-eyed (i mean, pre-drugs).

actually, i take that back, maybe this is the best way to do it! because when you’re bleeding profusely out your piehole and hopped up on skippies, maybe the only way to make any sense of reality is to see the back of your hand and think, “oh good…” *slobber slobber head slump drool trickle*

in unrelated news, there’s this:

photo courtesy of Flickr and randomrobert

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