Another Hot Messiah

so sorry about that epic post of yesterday. sometimes you just need to have a word enema, just empty out the old tank, shit though it may be. just put it all out there. let it sputter and spew and fart onto the page. then you feel ashamed about the toxic waste you’ve created, then a little pleased after that, and finally you’re neutral about the entire affair and relegate it to the same place where all the other pseudoemotional mishmash goes, “the circle of life” lobby in your brainbucket. events like when you stole someone’s pencil. or when you learned you weren’t the messiah. stuff like that.

whoa. look at at that last paragraph…yeah i st-uttered on purps. it’s so wordy. i am so wordy lately. my brain is a thesauruckus. a lot of commotion going on up in here. anyway, it’s ok. who’s complaining? i’m sure somebody is but i can’t hear you over the vast and unforgiving expanse of the internet. outraged though you may be.

seriously, anybody who expresses opinions on the internet always has to shout to be heard. think of all the things you are competing with on here for time and attention. home videos. political soundbites. cartoons. school projects. company mergers and acquisitions. social networking. slander. live journals. print news. radio news. video news. gadget debuts (unintentional rhyme). poetry. online dictionaries. chatrooms. message boards. online gambling. sports stats. i mean, you BEST BE SHOUTING. and creating elaborate profiles where you tie in your favorite songs and then say things like “damnn. someone needs 6-min abs and stat!” you put that out there, sweetie957! someone needed to say it.

now what other opinions can i express on my typewriter…? hmmm. it’s just not the same. i wish someone would come up with a more inflammatory vehicle for expressing myself.
photo courtesy of Flickr and sebastian’s belle

someone needs to be saying something at all times. i think that’s really the antipoint i’m trying to make here. oh but don’t worry. there are also sites of silence too. where you can just be by clicking on every link on the page. links to peace and harmony. what a rip!

i wish we could clean up the internet a la those old episodes of TV programs where a group of scrappy kids turned the rundown playground/crack alley into a community garden complete with murals of their handprints and a tomato crop worth boasting about. anyway, i wish i could get a group of kids together and turn around some rundown overwrought abandoned personal webpage with too many animation gifs and photo albums from 2003 and before that. let’s not even talk about all the out-of-date blogs. good intentions gone sour. they break my heart.

community garden. [applause break] well done.
photo courtesy of Flickr and Fin Fahey

lesson and moral of the day: how about all this traffic?!? don’t get me started. no…seriously, don’t let me start. if i ever start, punch me directly in the conscience.

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