Word Is Bond, James Bond

the best thing that could have ever happened happened yesterday. i usually don’t check email on weekends, but yesterday, following my regimen of being generally contrary to everything productive and useful this long weekend (including only being awake for 1/5 of today), i decided to check my email yesterday.

i got the following email, clustered in a warm nest of SPAM. someone sent me their last data response form from my psych thesis study that i ran my senior year of college, approximately 3 years ago. as you might or might not have guessed, this response form was due approximately 3 years ago. i guess they were either trying to come clean on some really old email, or they were really trying to get my gullet. lucky for all of us, they got two birds with one email.

the real clincher? the form was only half-filled out. THE FREAKIN’ NERVE. as my dad says, if you’re going to do it at all, do it right. yeesh. but it did make my day in 5000 ways. so really what i’m trying to say is, thanks.

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