Face Off

hi bubblies.

i am getting my head shots done tonight by one very multitalented gentleman, the versatile and ever-impressive Quincy Ledbetter. he was nice enough to accomodate me on the fly. anyway, i’m not talking about it here to brag. but rather to share my fears, which might not be humored, but at the very least they might be ridiculed. this past year has not been the easiest one for my face. a little less than a year ago, a bee stung my left eyelid, swelling the upper left side of my face into a blob.

Exhibit A:

i thought full healing happened until 3 months after the incident, someone asked me super seriously, “so when is your face going to get better?” i cried until mascara was on my toes. not actually. but i did sigh pretty breathily.

more recently, i got four teef pulled clear out mah smileyhole! not my wisdoms, hah! my mouf was looted and pillaged for those long ago. but yet another unlucky four — the premolar family.

Exhibit B:

i didn’t even get to say goodbye to them properly. despite my unwavering faith in quincy’s work, i’m a little unsure as to the current quality of work my face is capable of producing as a specimen for undistorted expression. we’ll see.

in any case, i gotta bring 2 to 3 outfits and extra makeup. i feel like i’m on america’s next crap model for stock Before pictures. this is before (*holding up my picture*), this is laughter (*audience cawing*).

the event on tuesday went SUPER AWESOME. mike way — first, kojo mante — second, pete bergen and jason weems — third. comedically, i think everyone was content. everyone who was there, thanks for coming. everyone who performed, you were and are phenomenal. everyone in the universe, keep up the oxygen intake.

ta ta bubblies.

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