Frantic Friday (I was going for worst title ever)

buhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuh. that’s the most complex thought my brain is having right now. i’m so tired it feels like my face is sliding off my head. i think i’ve said that before. it’s the number one feeling i get when i’m tired. i also have a habit of talking to myself all the time. but when i’m tired, it takes on a new angle. it’s not like i’m talking to myself. it’s like i’m just listening to two other people talking, and being a non-particiPANTS.

i also started randomly responding to other people’s conversations this morning. if i overheard someone say something, i would reply to it as if i were in the conversation. here’s what i meaaaaan.

lady on street, on cellphone: no, i’m good!
me: are you kidding me? yer amazing!

other lady on street, to friend: i mean, what the heck, right?
me: i know. it’s just ridiculous.

anyway, the photo shoot was pretty fresh. and by fresh, i mean facially. thank you quincy for dealing with my face and its random and independent maneuvering. quincy would say SMILE. then i would smile like a robot or gimace or look scared or make a sort of vague wavy line with my mouf and quincy probably wanted to kick-punch me in the ear but he bore it all like a champ. here are some gems:

all photos courtesy of Quincy Ledbetter

i had to drop my parents off at the airport this morning hence the lack of sleepage. i wasn’t even awake when it happened but in retrospect, there was a lot of yelling. it’s possible the following events happened:

–i was yelled at for not opening the suitcase fast enough to put in an additional item
–i was yelled at for not putting the additional item in correctly
–i was yelled at for wasting time by putting additional items in suitcases that had just been locked and secured
**note: this is not my trip nor my luggage and i have no idea how the responsibility for packing suitcases somehow transferred to me**
–i passive-aggressively went over a speed bump and made my dad spill coffee all over himself
–i told everyone to chill out
–i almost missed the exit to the airport 5 min after we started driving and got yelled at again by coffeeshirt

then my mother called me from the airport to ask me my opinion on my first arranged marriage proposal. so all in all, one heckuva friday so far. if all goes according to schedule, i’ll be seeing ghosts by two o’clock this afternoon and speaking a different language entirely composed of eye twitches by the end of the workday. TGIF, am i right?!

6 thoughts on “Frantic Friday (I was going for worst title ever)

  1. Anonymous says:

    You weren’t difficult to deal with. I’ve had some REALLY tough photo shoots. One of which was with an overweight model who said this, “Can’t you, like, ya’ know, like, photoshop off some of my weight or something.” I replied, “I don’t think thats possible,” but I really meant that its impossible to do that kind of thing and savor the quality of the picture; not that she was so fat it was impossible. Needless to say it wasn’t a pleasant shoot.In any case this comment is very long. I’m going to end it.I think in the end I’ll have to have my marriage arranged. I’m 0 for 1 in life, thus far.–The Anonymous Quincy

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