Rated ICK for Interesting Choice, Krazy.

i have a reputation for picking out bad movies. ask anybody who knows me moderately, or even mildly. unless something has been explicitly recommended to me, i usually have a talent for sussing out the weirdest or blandest or trying too hard but not in a good way-est choices for movie nights. and then i make people sit down and watch these things with me. and i insist on maximal effort of trying to enjoy them.

the past:
Hairdo U
(two urban criminals are sent to serve soft time at a beauty salon where they turn into the sassiest folks there)

the present:
Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant
(professor sunkyst’s adventures after saving the president from bananastan. think claymation but with fruits.)

the future:
(psycho killer cat attacking hapless yacht passengers)

i have a pretty ambitious plan for the night. get home at 10:00. lie on the kitchen floor and go to sleep. BECAUSE I CAN. WWYDIYPWOOTAYSLAH?**

**what would you do if your parents were out of town and you still lived at home?

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