Idle Mind Is the Blogger’s Worship

creative disclaimer: I WROTE THIS EARLIER AND I WAS LIKE “what the crap is this?” but NOW IT’s THE END OF THE DAY AND MY PERSPECTIVE CHANGED TO “someone publish this immediately for the eyes of others!” FUNNY HOW THAT WORKS. OK NOT THAT FUNNY.

1) pizza, party of one

i don’t want to alarm anyone but there’s pizza in the boardroom AGAIN. granted, last time, the pizza party was decidedly socialist. some of us were lucky to get a crust thrown to us by upper management, at best. but this week is the pizza party remix. most of the staff is away at a big conference, so i smell maybe a pie a piece. if there are cookie cakes, well, i’ll grin so hard my face will break. and break it will. all up on some pizza!

oh, a picture of pizzas? that’s original, aparNOTTTTTTTTT.
photo courtesy of Flickr and jetalone

2) alone in a cube while others are at conference

it’s lonely here in sector C on the 6th floor. but we make our own songs. and dance our own dances. what if an excel spreadsheet and a word document had an illicit romance? interprogram romance. i think windows media player might be the priest that would marry them off to the tune of fergie’s latest jam or perhaps linday lohan’s latest soundbite. it probably wouldn’t work out, not if outlook had anything to say about it. that guy’s always reminding us of something, mostly what we should be doing and not what we’re actually doing.

hold on, i need to go get some pizza right now.

3) afternoon interlude

i just ran across the hall to water someone’s bamboo plant. in my BARE FEET. i hope i don’t get office herpes. also transmitted via xeroxing one’s buttocks on the copier. i can’t believe i’ve resorted to herpes jokes. but wait it wasn’t a joke. i was semi-serious. replace herpes with tetanus though. alright, that’s it.


2 thoughts on “Idle Mind Is the Blogger’s Worship

  1. moonrat says:

    Microsoft Access is obviously the annoying uncle getting plastered at the reception even though no one ever wanted to deal with him again. And PowerPoint is putting together the crappy-ass grainy video that the “happy” couple are going to try to sell to all the attendees.

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