I Owe It All Tah Me Tummy

i was just reading an interview for work, and this CEO was talking about how he wants to hire employees who don’t just think with their minds but also with their…stomachs.

yeah i know, he got me too. i thought he was going to say hearts. but then he went on to explain he meant sometimes your head tells you to go one way, but your gut begs to differ. and it’s true! all this mind and heart business being thrown all over the literary and journalistic world, and we’ve forgotten the very real role our tummies play in determining the course of our lives.

not only in the delicious grub sense. but also in the nervous butterfly excitement sense. also in the churning ‘what choice should i make?’ sense. also in the full of contentment sense. also in the dull empty grieving sense. also in the upset and angry sense. in the whole world, who doesn’t like a nice tummy pat every now and again? and even the converse is true. if you hate people touching your stomach, why? because it’s an important private part of you. it’s where all our warmth is stored, as people. remember troll dolls had jewels in their bellies? there was a reason! and it wasn’t just that little girls like jewels. i think tummies are the messengers for our hearts, among other things. gurgle burble.

tummy tickle time!
photo courtesy of Flickr and AirBeagle

ok, back to business. and by business, i mean the business of being less attemptedly profound. the IT guy and i had a productive bonding session yesterday. we shared some laughs. i showed him some zany work photos. he showed me his staff photo and i told him he looked like an “online predator” in it, and we had a nice guffaw over that. it’s real nice to bond over computers, but using a more human angle. i might wear a funny hat the next time he comes around. we’re on that level now. how do i know? my tummy told me.

4 thoughts on “I Owe It All Tah Me Tummy

  1. bean says:

    whoa! in the whole theory of chakras, one’s (worldly) wisdom and knowledge are centered in the fifth chakra, which is located at – you guessed it – your tum-tum. so when you are not prepared, you get butterflies and feel sick to your stomach. or at least that’s what all the old-school rishis figured.

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