Two Thumbs Up, Soaking Wet

so i don’t know about you guys but my newest thing is washing my hands. i’m a huge fan. it’s just something i’ve picked up recently. i’m not talking about the basic hygiene involved in doing it. i’ve always bought into that. i’m talking about the joys of an intense no-nonsense almost spiritual hand wash. really getting the soap under your fingernails. in between your fingers. getting a nice lather all the way up to your wrist. and the water temperature? don’t get me started. actually i mean you don’t have to get me started. i’ll start myself with no outside help necessary.

after countless trials and experiments (i think 2 total), i’ve concluded that water temperature is directly proportional to the enjoyment level of the average paw rinse. today i got lost in my handwash in the office kitchen. i added a little heat to the water and wow. that’s all i can say. wow. you should try it sometime. just be prepared for a little judgment, not just from others, but also from yourself.

FYI, the sandwich i had today came with tiny pickles. it made me feel regal. how would it make you feel?

to help you imagine, here’s your sandwich:

photo courtesy of Flickr and Sashertootie

and here are the tiny pickles:

photo courtesy of Flickr and androog


4 thoughts on “Two Thumbs Up, Soaking Wet

  1. Q.Ledbetter says:

    The water pressure at my job is too intense and the hot water is SCORCHING!!!! Theres a guy at my office who doesn’t bother washing his hands after using the rest room. Its disgusting.I’m jealous that you have perfect hand washing water at your job.

  2. Mandrake says:

    I like to get those tiny pickles and miniature corn and other small foods and make big piles of them and pretend I am a giant that slaving villageers must work to feed or I will crush them and their meager huts (they don’t have time to build sturdy homes because they spend all their time raising crops to feed me and of course they are so frail from not eating that they are also easy to crush). Arghhh! Me hungry!

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