Joint Pain Should Be Shared. Am I Right?!

yesterday night was a night of revelations!

1) my knee is infected. the doctor shot me in the arm with some tetanus and her assistant gauzed me up. then she prescribed me some pills (horse tranquilizers i’m hoping). then when i was leaving she gave me her card and said “i also do SPA treatments at my other office. you or your mom should come by.” i’m pretty sure that’s the number one most awkward thing she could have said to me besides “your knee infection turns me on.” lucky for her, i’m very pro-awkward.

2) leslie FEIST is an amazing artist. i saw her in concert last night, and i am utterly smitten with her music and her performance. if you ever get the chance to see her, do it. one music review called her a voice a “jean creamer.” it’s true. it is. she’s a tiny alluring woman with personality in spades. she even picked up someone’s cellphone mid-concert to talk to the person’s sister. here’s a video i found that i like. anyway. yeah. i’m not a big concertgoer but i hafta say, if you get the chance to see her, GO. grizzly bear (the opening act) was tight too.

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