i am mostly crashing high school graduation parties this weekend. i’ll be the old fogey who can only eat congratulations cake soaked in milk hobbling around with the help of my trusty college graduation cane (sooo much better than a class ring) on a bum leg ranting/reminiscing about the golden years that were the late 90s and the early 00s. s’gonna be a time. i was asked to tell jokes at one of them, but who can joke at a time like this?!

pop singer vitamin c said it best in her hit song “graduation (friends forever)”,

So if we get the big jobs
And we make the big money
When we look back now
Will our jokes still be funny?
Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
Still be trying to break every single rule
Will little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man?
Can Heather find a job that won’t interfere with her tan?
I keep, I keep thinking that it’s not goodbye
Keep on thinking it’s a time to fly
And this is how it feels

hahahaha big jobs, that’s a good one. whooooo. that bobby kid was a putz. kidding, smoochies bobby! lol bff jk rofl omg ijchmwibwps!!!

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