I Do Only Talk About Food and Bodily Functions…This Is Me Caring…

i just heard people singing “happy birthday” down the hall. do you know what that means?!


just the thought of it makes me close my eyes, waggle my head and smile as if i were listening to the world’s tiniest violin playing something upbeat.

photo courtesy of Flickr and sabrinak

how could you say no to a face like this?! one of mankind’s greatest achievements…

photo courtesy of Flickr and princess_of_llyr

unrelated notes of a racial and cultural flavor:

1. i am wearing a brown sweater on a brown t-shirt, all draped on some brown skin. just color coordinating. i’m only wearing a sweater because it’s cold in the building. it’s jungly hot outside like my people’s weather. i can’t believe i just said that. pardons.

2. i wish indian food weren’t so pungent and smelly and heavy on the sauce, albeit delicious. it makes it hard to be righteously indignant when people scrunch up their noses at my tupperware aromatic lunch and announce loudly “what…is… that?!” furthermore, the smell never washes out, people! not out of plasticware! not out of hands! not out of souls! i will smell like curry until the day i fumigate myself.

7 thoughts on “I Do Only Talk About Food and Bodily Functions…This Is Me Caring…

  1. Q.Ledbetter says:

    I had “real” Indian food two months ago at a restaurant around where I lived. The smell was, indeed, a bit strong, but the taste was just as powerful…in a good way.I had never had lamb before. I likes.This is the most pointless comment I’ve ever left for anyone. I think I’ll compete with myself to see how pointless I can make my comments from now on.stay tuned.

  2. Aparna says:

    i thought i told you quincy. if you ever call your comments pointless again, ima smash some insults in yer face. consider yourself warned AGAIN.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the whole thing stinks to high heavencurry-yellowed tupperware is like aREDDENED wine glassis like a fuzzy white hatthat bumped a cloud

  4. Aparna says:

    mandrake — no. i love indian food. you’ve got me pegged all wrong!anon — listen. so i yellowed your spoons up a bit. GET NEW ONES.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I am Sabrina from flickr and I DID NOT allow you to use my foto! It has a Copyright and therefore I kindly ask you to remove the photo, otherwise I see myself forced to

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