As You Were, Creepy Man, As You Were

i just found a Reese’s Ice Cream Toppings sticker on my banana. really?! are candy companies really seeing FRUIT as the next big frontier in their advertising campaign? are potassium-depleted athletes going to realize their next big fix would ideally be a thick sauce of peanut-butter flavored chocolate? well. only time will tell. yes i know bananas are often used in ice cream concoctions. but it’s the PRINCIPLE OF THE THING.

it reminds me of this:


also, have you ever caught someone in the midst of staring at you? for some reason, i get more ruffled and feathered than they do, by all appearances, since they usually just continue to stare and i just turn away in horror/shame. here’s the “how it makes me feel” breakdown…like a) i’m in a dressing room, b) i’m in-between outfits and c) it’s totally my bad because i interrupted their private moment, as opposed to mine.

totally my bad, statue, totally my bad.
photo courtesy of Flickr and Noah Bulgaria

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