Betaparna’s End is Near

i am being replaced! my parents ordered a new me in the mail. and she arrived on sunday night.

here are her qualifications:
–her name starts and ends with A (…)
–she’s close friends with my studious, perfect, well-married female cousin (she has good taste in people)
–she has a lovely frequent melodic laugh (swell temperament)
–subcontinental (DUH)
–going into medicine (oof)
–fluent in our native tongue (errr)
–friendly (d’oh)
–smiles a lot (meep)
–comes home on time (uhhh)
–is quiet and well-behaved (shoooot)
–is shadowing my mother at her office so IN FACT is under parental supervision at all times, more or less (phooop*)


*the sound of a towel being thrown in

i threw the towel in and i packed up my stuff
photo courtesy of Flickr and Mikey aka DaSkinnyBlackMan

one night i will come home and my whole identity will have been erased. and then i’ll go live in the basement with the children’s books and defunct computers.

sadly, a sure sign of things to come, last night, my cellphone went bizarro berserk, and kept calling my house repeatedly without my knowledge. but i did freak out the new houseguest and she came out of her room late at night when i got home to ask me what could be going on?! “i was going on!” i says to her, “nothing to see here! keep it movin’!” no but seriously, i explained the sitch and what she must have thought, i can only guess with trembles. if my parents hear about this, i’m the Sweet Valley High collection’s new spooning buddy.

also i take 15 minutes to pick my knee scabs every night, without fail. at least i humor the remaining scabbage. THERE. i said it. i feel free.

3 thoughts on “Betaparna’s End is Near

  1. Q.Ledbetter says:

    Much to my displeasure my roommates have a habit of harboring their friends in our house for indefinite periods of time. I can’t complain because a friend in need is a friend in need and I’d do the same thing if it were Ryan or my brother, but still. We are 4 roommates plus 2 now!!!!!! Its getting to be an issue with me.I dunno…I suppose I’m tryin’ to let you know that I relate in some way.meep! (i’m stealing that)

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