Brace Yourselves!

well, don’t say anything but i got braces yesterday. the final phase is accomplished. my transformation into a 13-year old girl is complete! emotionally, i’ve been stuck there for years. but now, the face aligns with the rest of the package. i am feeling quite self-conscious of my monster grill so far. i only want to talk to people with my hand over my mouth or in tight-lipped parsed sentences. but that was K through 12th grade anyway, so i guess what i’m trying to say is i’m fully committed to this endeavor!!! the next step is to buy a pink floral-scented diary and talk to it out loud as well as with various colored pens, and to also recreate 4000+ varieties on the smiley face and standard abbrevs. horseback riding lessons sound better by the second! 😉 lolz

photo courtesy of Flickr and The Wong Family Pictures

oh also, i got overly excited last night and picked the rest of my knee scabs off, in the process, uncovering some unhealed terrain. so i tried to tape a rather largish impregnable scab back onto my knee, with dubious results. i guess i am a pretty good argument against evolution, but then again, also creationism. both really. existing at all, you might even say. merely joking. on a serious note, can you sell scabs on ebay? some of mine are real beauts.

4 thoughts on “Brace Yourselves!

  1. Heranmaye says:

    Hey Aparna! I don’t know if you remember me, but we’re organizing entertainment for the TANA Youth Banquet next Saturday night and were wondering if you would like to do some standup for us while people are eating and mingling. I saw some of your stuff on youtube and you’d be really entertaining. definitely let me know. prasadheera@gmail.comthanksss so much talk to you soon!-heera

  2. kishanputta says:

    Heera sent me the link to your GPS jokes at topaz… vurry funny stuff!have you heard about subcontinental drift? there have been a few really funny people so far — maybe you were one of them.looking forward to hearing you, meeting you at

  3. Aparna says:

    heranmaye — yup, glad we bumped into each other yesterday…glad i get to be a part of the show 🙂kishanputta — yup, i’ve done subcontinental drift. good stuff. thanks for reading!

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