Hello Forever!

i suffer from acute separation anxiety.

it’s so bad that i don’t even like starting things because i am already thinking about how much it will suck when they’ll be over.

examples of not wanting to do things because they all have eventual endings:

-reading books
-watching movies
-going to parties
-going to cities

and the worst…


yeah it’s a little weird. but i’m working on it. this came across kind of dire but the point is i find everything wonderful, and i just have trouble transitioning from one wonderful thing to the next.

and then there’s always this to create an explosion of tiny hearts around yer head!!

3 thoughts on “Hello Forever!

  1. Camille says:

    I’m like that with books and hugs and movies, too. But then you realize that good endings come with new beginnings. That’s what keeps me sane.

  2. Q.Ledbetter says:

    Maybe you could use the “healing properties” from the giant duck to treat your Acute Separation Anxiety.In any case, the bright side is that you find everything wonderful. If you cound everything to be terrible, then you’d have some MAJOR problems, no?

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