How I Spent the Rest of My Summer Vacation (i.e., Friday After Work)

how i spent the remainder of my summer vacation (i.e., friday after work)
by aparna

this is an awful picture i took of the classy upscale restaurant my parents and sister took me to tonight in early celebration of my birthday. example of restaurant hawt couture: it had real doors AND windows. jealous?!?

the restaurant was real impressive. basically, it was a hidden palace in the middle of a wooded enclave with a secret entrance. there was a even fish pond and myriad fountains and gardens surrounding it. you could feed the big-koi-fish food pebbles from a jar near the restaurant door. when they ate the pebbles, their mouths made the shape of the letter O. some of the fish were magic, specifically the ones who were rays of light. check ’em OUT!!!

this is the appetizer i ordered at the fancypants restaurant. notice the food items are artfully mingling with each other as if they were at some VIP soiree. the baby asparagus (it does exist…) is not all up in the balsamic reduction’s face nor is the goat cheese with the clover patch hairdo feeling the need to overannounce its presence because it already know it won’t go home alone.

this was my favorite part of the meal. at the end, even after dessert — a gaggle of plates including chocolate in pot, chocolate in a tiny cake, ice cream on a cake, ice cream in a cake, ice cream in a pot, a sphere of chococlate that looked like ice cream but was really a mousse — yeah even after all that, the nice lady brought us cotton candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but then oh no!!! my mom got carried away and manhandled the big pillow of cotton candy and flattened and smoooooshed it into the chalice until it was a sad ghost memory of what it used to be. my family can only keep up the appearance of good breeding for so long before our baser instincts take over. sorry this picture is grainy and graphic.

it didn’t end there. somehow my sister got her paws on the mutant cotton candy ball and, without my knowing, put it in my purse on the ride home. so later i scream when i find the giant blue smurf booger.

still not scared? look closer.

then i threw it across the room!!!

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