Reality Slightly Pulls Ahead Again

it’s friday, people. let’s keep it caz.

last night, i checked my cellphone and i had a missed call…from myself.

for a moment, i thought what-in-the-hootenanny-is-going-on? is-this-some-kind-of-practical-and-theoretical-joke? i actually, for a split-moment, thought i was trying to contact myself from the future. then i was all like “ohhhhhhhhhhhh” in pseudo-bemusement followed by a more resigned “oh” endnote. i’m not even going to explain it, it’s so disappointing.

then i apologized to a statue i bumped into.

it all makes perfect sense in hindsight. kind of like my past penchant for crushed velvet scrunchies.

absolutely stunning.
photo courtesy of Flickr and solcita

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