Make New Vices, But Keep the Old

exhibit A (of recent Acquisition):

whenever standing still, i’ve adopted the lindsay “WWLD” lohan/paris “jail is not hot” hilton/celebutante method of perching one hand precariously-in-the-guise-of-nonchalance on the hip, as if to say, “photograph me, i dare you.” however, i carry neither the fashion muster nor the self-assurance to actually hold up the look. so really, it just looks forced. but surprisingly, it makes even linoleum feel like the red carpet. and wednesday mornings seem like oscar night. guilty as am-ex-charged.

here, here,
and, oh wow,
headless but here.

exhibit B (since Birth):

the addiction to looking down. i was recently told (and i already knew, oh how i knew!) that i look down too much onstage during my comedic attempts. frankly, it’s because i find the floor sexy, and eye contact overrated. however, in the entertainment industry, any indication of fear or wavering is suckerpunched like a blow-up clown doll already leaking helium. in an effort to amend my eastern-oriented ways, i’ve been looking up more in my day-to-day life. and there is a lot going on up here, folks. a lot to process. now i can’t stop staring at everything and everybody. i’ve apparently been missing a lot. however, i do have an intimate knowledge of feet and ground animals after years of studying them. oops, time for my eye exercises.

where is this utopia?
photo courtesy of Flickr and jaygooby

other niblets:

kanye west knows how to keep some serious house.

the urge to snuggle is still alive and well in the universe.

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