Still Needs to Be Burped

psst. i just heard some googoo gaagaa gurgly noises in the office around the corner. either we hired someone extremely young and fresh, or it’s CASUAL FRIDAY and someone’s wearing a baby tee…LITERALLY!

(heart)breaking news:
i just had a meeting with one of my higher-ups, and she said VERBATIM “aparna, it always freaks me out when i see you because you look exactly like my niece…who’s 9.”

this was abruptly but unconvincingly followed with a “and i know you’re not 9!”

maybe i should stop wearing onesies to work.

new from Apple – the iBaby
photo courtesy of Flickr and Matthew Routley

(scroll down for your fortune!)


(not kidding)

(don’t you hate this type of abuse of the internet?)

(don’t answer that.)


wow. i’m sorry for what happened back there. not that sorry, but still.

things are looking up! (your fortune)

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