Exfoliate My Mom

a. nietzsche, happy birthday!

as you once said, “One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

b. shoes – wearing them. i actually bought some swaddling clothes for my feet this past weekend that should hardly count as footwear, but my mother was there when i bought them. and she approved the purchase. when you’re wearing them, it’s like your entire foot and calf is being hugged by a well-meaning but overclingy friend. it’s both a physical and emotional experience.

1. speaking of consumerism, my mother and i were also given a free trial run demo of the dead sea salt scrub for your skin at the mall. a man at a kiosk that was wafting odors (both the man and the kiosk; let the clause dangle!) blindsided us with his pitchline, and before we knew it, both our hands were covered in dead sea salt and oils. then he did a poor job of helping us wash it off so we both had salty hands for the rest of our mall experience. my skin is a little softer than usual, but mainly, more cynical (skinical?).

c. crises – secondary. i’ve been freaking out like 1-2 times a day. i’ve gotten it down to a manageable amount. my pillow is less moist with tears which is great because i hate waking up with wet hair.

d. weekend lesson – it’s hard to get rid of cake even when it’s birthday cake.

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