Transmission Impossible

update my mom!

i got my car back as good as new-ish (sort of, not really). my little starburetor and all! and guess what? apparently, the car’s transmission went ‘adios and peace be unto you, my bipedal mother’ because of rough-handling.

yes! you heard right.

i was, in no uncertain terms, accused of abuse! me! the concerned parent figure! waiting at home biting off my nails and wondering where i went wrong!

now i know how parents feel when something happens to their children, and they are suddenly accused of bad parenting. this is the media’s fault. as if i could even imagine hurting my little motoroller.

granted, i treat potholes like an excuse to fly and sometimes i forget i’m driving mere metal and scrap, and i consider the possibility of bonnie and clyde-ing it into some grand sunset. BUT CAMMAN. take all the joy out of joyride while you’re at it, auto mechanic!

i’m not a driver, i just play one occasionally.
photo courtesy of Flickr and dao hodac

so now social services (i.e., parents) is monitoring my drivage for signs of physical and emotional scarring to car. and i cringe every single time i hit a rough spot on the road, of which there are many, urban developers!


in brighter but scarier news, hello-ween!

i’m dressed down because i’m protesting dressing “up” but also i’m dressed as someone unemployed. a big ironic slap on the back to this whole JOB thing. i’m in full PJs and bedhead, and i’m carrying one remote control, one set of circled job ads (i tried to circle complete opposites like senior account manager…auto mechanic…dancer…though i know my subtlety will go lost on a holiday that gets most excited over wigs) and a xeroxed copy of my bachelor’s degree. costume contest at 2pm. i predict an unfair loss again. no chance of winning when there are group costumes on the loose. however, i’m also acting the part! so that should count for something. mad props at least.

here’s my favorite costume i’ve seen this year: a replica of Magritte’s “The Son of Man”

presenting my friend chris:


in finality, i saw this tiny tot being strolled around this morning by his mom, and he was waving at these construction workers like they were his future prospects (mainly a food, a nap, coddling). “HIiiiiiiiiiiiiii” and “Hellllllllo” and smiley eyes and rosy cheeks and welcoming demeanor and all kinds of social skills that i’m still developing.

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