Abracadabra! David Blaine-Removal.

today i spent a good 5 minutes trying to get a stain out of my t-shirt…

until i realized it was actually not a stain at all but rather the logo on the shirt!

haw haw.

i’ll be here for another five minutes, folks!

8 thoughts on “Abracadabra! David Blaine-Removal.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah I myself once spent two weeks trying to get a stain out of my shirt, then I realized I wasn’t wearing a shirt.The funny thing was I knew better.I won’t even tell you about the pants, which I spent 4 days trying to pull on before I realized they were a pair of gloves. That’s not even the half of it. My necktie was a loose sock and my hat was actually a half-dead racoon, but I won’t get into it.My shoes do resemble two old crackerboxes but I don’t think I’m really that far-gone so I’m hoping for the best.

  2. Aparna says:

    ham — and doesn’t it feel grand?a. nonymous — your first sentence doesn’t assume that you were wearing the shirt with the stain on it. happenstance!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well Aparna to make a long story short if you had asked me what I was doing at that time I would have said “getting this damn stain out of my SHIRT.”

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