Assorted Sampler of Doubletakes

alright, so the latest news is i get to do stand up at some colleges starting next year. hooray! so i guess in some shape or form, i am going “back to school.”

and here are some eye twizzlers.

these are from a sketch show called poonanza i did last weekend. but these were not actually taken at the show. just take my word that the show happened, and people had a good/great time, depending on who we’re talking about specifically.

before show: trying on someone’s wig/unprofessional

after show: with literally glowing show organizer larry poon

photos courtesy of comedic impresario and champion blogger Diana Saez.

these are from the open mic i did in LA, at D+D Joke’s Center! whoo! (photos courtesy of Andrew Lasky, They’re pretty serious-looking for a comedy show but just think dramatic spanish soap-style comedy.

oh and here is the absolute swoonworthiest puppy SOMEBODY (you know who you are) just acquired. i literally got angry when i was first shown these snaps because my brain immediately calculated the distance between my hand and this puppy’s tummy, and it was infuriatingly too wide a burden to have to handle…on a friday no less!

come closer

how dare you

and this is pretty hunky right here! not sure how accurate my choice of the word hunky is in that previous sentence, but i’m going to stand by my decision.

until i have a minute, be well!

3 thoughts on “Assorted Sampler of Doubletakes

  1. Ham says:

    This blog has it all. Colleges, wigs, drama, and puppies. Thanks to those four things I’ve: learned, laughed, cried, and loved all in one blog. PUPPY!

  2. lady t says:

    PARNA! gurl yuz been bloggin all this time and not tell nobody….i guess i forgive you and your crazy wigged-ed self. ps. this is tammy ad i’m really happy that this comedy thing is working well for you. you are wonderful brown woman!

  3. Aparna says:

    ham – i hope the wig made you cry.TAMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! hello =) so excited to “see” you here!

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