Oversensitivity Training Exercise

i have some incredibly amazing friends and lovers.

i took some of my comedy clips’ one-star YouTube ratings pretty hard this morning (they all have one star! which YouTube rates as “poor”), pretty darn hard. i immediately benched myself from the game of life, retired my sweaty pinny, threw back a few warm gulps of self-Haterade, and other wornout metaphor-play.

e-moi pining

and then, faster than i could say “tahme oot” but slower than i could get into the fetal position, i had some good sense cuddled/browbeaten into me by aforementioned good people i wink at on a regular basis. i was given tough love, happy hugs and handholds, and reciprocal winks aplenty. that and an unsolicited giggly email was all i needed to get me back in the ring of the lords and ladies of calmedy.

i am truly the lucky one, and no, that’s not a [punch]line i’m using on you.

the internet, en general, is brutal with its anonymous vigilante judgment, and my sensitivitypants are the primary target of many an e-buttkick, but at the end of the day, even if perez hilton is leaving me unhappy cat frowns, the most effort i can expend is to close my browser window. i refuse to go e-mo for one mysterious stranger danger’s pointing and clicking. it’s not even romantic, let alone cost-effective.

plus, let me be the first to say, i’ve had an incredibly, edibly fortunate, amazing past few months in comedy. and i am very, very, very grateful for all of it. [you can use that syrup on your waffles, yes]

5 thoughts on “Oversensitivity Training Exercise

  1. moonrat says:

    the internet is horrible and brutal!! dont take it seriously. *i* sure don’t take myself seriously. it helps that no one listens to me, anyway. but i love your blog!!! so further warm syrup.

  2. Aparna says:

    awww moonrats, i love yer blogz!!! sanka you, coffeetawk star!jason – awwwwww. drunken hijinx! how dare someone rate it! kodak precious momentz.

  3. DiSa says:

    I’m glad you put it all into perspective.Let’s review:NBC StandUp Finalist Validation vs. random toothless internet moron giving bad score = APARNA FTW

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