Tribute to a Tribute Site

a certain someone just tipped me off to the website LASAGNA CAT today.

hoo boy. it’s ridiculously goo.


in other news, i went to a horror movie by myself the other day.
and i was the only one in the theater!
what a treat!
and then right when i settled down for a sweet hoedown of inappropriate noises and unkempt reactions, 6 blasty youth came in.
so i had to watch a horror movie in disappointed mode with myself and 6 blasty youth.
and it wasn’t nearly as scary when the ghost child wearing the puppet mask got closer and closer to the terrified yet surprisingly calm lady.
so i ended up giggling.
i also laughed really loud during a part where the ghost detector tech guy made a pained face at the skeptic doctor guy when he was like “well how come only the psychic can see the ghosts? how come i can’t see them?” classic.
the best part was undoubtedly at the end when they rolled the credits and i realized i didn’t have to explain my behavior to any of the other theatregoers on the ride home.
i tell great stories.

2 thoughts on “Tribute to a Tribute Site

  1. Aparna says:

    that’s not the point, mr. ledbetter! it didn’t have any zombies in it, that’s for sure. but i can’t reveal the name because i kind of did a reverse spoiler where i talked about some key scenes in the movie…and if i name it, i will now have ruined it for all the other little puddings who want to go see it. get it. got it. good.

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