So You Think You Can Not Dance?

sorry for another video but this one is perfect. that’s right, PERFECT. i did just raise the stakes that high. you’re welcome.

even better, here is an interview snippet from A Special Thing RADIO with comedian zach galifianakis about how he almost got kicked out of the Ellen Show for not dancing (as evidenced in the clip above)…

ZG: Ellen DeGeneres almost had me kicked out of her show because of the way I looked and because I refused to dance…

Quinn and I went to the Ellen DeGeneres show. I didn’t want to go. We went, and you dance for an hour. An hour! A frisbee could come out and entertain people that are whooped up like that. An inanimate object, like a stapler could come out and people’d go nuts. Because you dance for an hour to Kool & The Gang, and I just did not want to do it. Nothing against her.

Interviewer [Matt]: When was this?

ZG: Fall, I guess, a few months ago. I can’t remember.

So Ellen has a camera in her dressing room so she can watch everybody, probably pick out who she wants to interact with. So she saw me, and I had a giant beard at the time, and a very disgusted look on my face. And she told security…”Who is that guy? I want him removed.” Then Karen came out and told me, and she was so delighted to tell me.


3 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Not Dance?

  1. booklady says:

    That’s hilarious! Actually, I probably wouldn’t have danced either. Not a dancer, and that music did nothing for me. I would have just stood there and looked awkward for an hour. (AN HOUR?!?! That’s really long.)

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